Terms and Conditions

We are a family owned and operated manufacturing company based in Aberdeen Washington. Each piece of our furniture is handcrafted and made from naturally renewable resources. The primary log species we use is unique to the Northwest, Western Red Cedar.

These logs display naturally occurring characteristics such as checking, cracks, knots, and variations of colors. We stand behind each handcrafted piece of furniture and guarantee the quality and craftsmanship. Despite the rustic look our furniture is sound and sturdy. Our dressers are made from solid wood and the drawers will close with ease. The cracks will not compromise the integrity of the furniture.

A little bit about our log furniture. Northwestern Red Cedar is fine grained wood that is resistant to rot or insect. We use this cedar for outdoor and indoor furniture. We can finish our product in many different stains outlined by our attributes or leave it unfinished which would weather into a silver grey coloring. Cedar in its natural elements will absorb moisture without any finish.

It is our goal to produce unique log furniture. Each picture online is a representation of the furniture we sell in our storefront and online. No picture will be an exact replica of the piece shipped unless stated via direct communication. The peices will have similar characteristics: using the same material, having similar coloring, and dimensions.

We do not use dowels or commercial replicas of wood products. Our furniture is made only from real logs and all natural under bark with its unique coloring.

Almost all of our furniture is in stock or would take minimal time to manufacture and ship. We have a relationship with a freight company who will directly pick up from us and place at your front door. We will arrange all shipping with you personally to insure you receive your product within a reasonable timeline. The shipping company uses a semi-truck. You will need to have someone present in order to help the driver unload to minimize shipping costs. You are responsible for unpacking, placement of furniture, assembly (if required), and removing packing materials. If you are located in an area that would be hard for semi-truck to access please notify us when you order so that we can make other arrangements.

Once you have placed your order we will begin to manufacture your unique piece. We generally do not accept cancellations or returns. We may however waive this policy on a case by case circumstance. Many pieces of our furniture will have "checking". It is natural for logs to "check" or crack along the growth rings. This happens with the logs release moisture, however we kiln dry all of our logs before assembling our furniture. The checking does not affect the structural integrity of our furniture and would not be a reason to return. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 1-360-593-1757.

We also collect or do not collect sales tax according to Washington State law.

We ensure and make every effort to have competitive prices that are also affordable however we reserve the right to refuse, or cancel, any order that we have incorrectly priced due to human error.

Thank you for shopping at AlpineHeights.com.

We would not sell anything that we would not personally use in our home. From our home to yours-join the thousands of satisfied customers and purchase from Alpine Heights.

All of our furniture is manufactured in Washington State USA. Support our efforts to keep jobs at home.